MCKINLEE | Nine Months

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well, Here we are! You're nine months old!! I can't believe you will be ONE, so soon! I am planning your birthday party, slowly-but surely! It will be rainbow colors, since you're not into any characters! I've got your cake lined up at Rick's Bakery and am in the process of making the decorations!! So excited! You had your check-up on the 22nd, and everything looks super healthy but you still had your infection {so we got some medicine and hopefully will clear it up soon}.

Weight: 19.2 lbs
Height: 27.5inches

You are finally crawling! You've been scooting and rocking back-and-forth on your knees but you are mobile. The exact date was February 20, 2013, and I got it on video, and it's so cute! You said your first word, "Mama"! You got your first tooth on February 21, 2013, we woke up and I was feeding you some cinnamon roll, and you bit down and I felt it, {so sweet!!} I can't quite get a picture of that, so we'll have to wait until it pops through more! You're growing so fast! I love you so much, and daddy wants you to say "Da-da".

MCKINLEE | First Word

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So, obviously I always wanted you to say "mama" first and daddy and I would always try to get you to say our names! But I am pleased and a little ecstatic to say, you said "Mama" on Saturday, Feb 16! You were playing on the floor at Mimi's house and what seemed like plain ole' baby babble, turned into the sweet word that I'm sure will melt my heart for the rest of my life! "Ma-ma!" At first, I was like uh, I don't know if that was it! You said it again like 4 times! I was so excited! Daddy didn't believe me, until he actually heard you say it! He's excited you're saying words, but bummed it's not "Da-da!" But in good time, I'm sure you will!

MCKINLEE | Eight Months

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Holy eight months! I can’t believe it, you are learning so much these days! It’s so crazy! You’re so close to crawling and saying “mama” ;) no, but you are starting to babble a lot! I love it! You do the sweetest thing you have a screaming contest with whoever will compete, usually me. You’ll scream and I will copy you, and we just go back and forth until you start laughing! You can pull up if me or daddy hold your hands and help you, you’re very stout! {You’re next check-up isn’t until your 9 month birthday so these are estimates!}

Weight: 19.8lb
Height: 27.5 inches

You’ve tried tons of different baby foods; I’ve even started mixing some. I actually have started to cheat, just for convenience I’ve been buying the Gerber organic pouches, they are still organic just soo much easier for this super busy mama! So you like all of those and I recently tried mixing Mango with Greek Yogurt! It made like a baby yogurt puree! You loved it! You’re laugh is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. We’re just waiting on teeth and for you to crawl! I’ve got my eyes on you at all times, so I don’t miss it! We’re still trying to move your from our bed, to yours—hoping it’s sooner than later...yikes! Also, I’m like crazy excited about planning your birthday party, and since I’m getting into sewing {thanks to Ms. Tawny} I’m going to make your outfit! Or rather she is, I will cut the fabric! I am excited! You take juice from a sippy cup, so good. I think your favorite kind so far is either white grape or apple prune! You still breastfeed just mainly once in the morning when you wake up and then a few times from 6-bedtime{9pm or whenever you fall asleep}. That’s about it! We love love love you! :)

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