HOLIDAY | 4th of July

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday America and happy three day weekend everyone else! I cannot express how much I needed a three day weekend, seriously 48 hours off work is not enough. We've had a blast so far! Thursday after work we headed to Justin's parents for steak+chicken kabobs and did lots of back porch sittin'. Then watched our summer show Big Brother, which we're not too impressed with so far. We put McKinlee in the twin bed in her room at Mimi's instead of the pack-n-play and she slept all night, total win. Shortly after, we headed to bed for an early morning!

Friday, Happy 4th! We got up early and headed to the lake! Nothing says 'Merica like jumping off the back of the boat and getting super sunburt. I can check both of those off my list. I am about 4 shades of red shy of being a lobster..Ouch. McKinlee loves the lake, we're still working the whole life jacket thing, she's not very fond of it. I wouldn't be either. Once we docked on the island, she gets her bucket + shovel and she's in good shape.

We got home and bought some fireworks and pizza and waited on the sun to go down. McKinlee loved the poppers and the Cherry Snaps, but other than that she was not fond of the loud noises. Justin and I can't say the same, we felt like such kids lighting the fireworks out in the street then running back to the driveway! So proud to be an American and live in such a great country!

I keep thinking it's Sunday and that I have work tomorrow, but I don't and that's fantastic! We've got McKinlee's last swim lesson today and then we're headed to the Rodeo of the Ozarks tonight to watch some Mutton Bustin', we're excited for another family day together!
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