Friday, March 27, 2015

How far along | 16 weeks

Size of baby | Avocado {4.5 inches, 3.5oz}

Gender | BOY! {Carter Paul}

Maternity clothes | The same - just pants really.

Weight gain | 5lbs

Movement | None so far - I realized what I thought might be movement is just my bowel. I actually 
called the doctor concerned that I was having braxton hicks, she said "no, that's poop". Cool.

Sleep | Some nights are better since we got our new mattress, other nights still hard to get comfortable.

Cravings | Marketplace mashed potatoes and chicken tenders - fulfilled that craving Wednesday night :)

Best moment of the week | Brittany and I are attending the world's largest baby shower tomorrow and we're so excited to see what cool freebies we get and what kind of cool products we get to see. I've also semi-registered on Target and Amazon, I love looking at baby stuff so that's been fun!


Monday, March 23, 2015

I missed week 14, sorry folks. I'm sure it won't be the only one though with our hectic schedule.

How far along | 15 weeks, 2 days

Size of baby | apple {4inches, 2.5oz}

Gender | BOY!
Baby's Name - Carter Paul Bolinger

Maternity clothes | yes! Mainly pants. I'm not really comfortable in anything else. Like, even leggings. Lots of maxi dresses and skirts when it warms up! 

Weight gain | 5lbs

Movement | I think maybe I've felt one little tiny flip or something, very faint, but I'm very excited to start feeling movement more regurarly!

Sleep | terrible. {insert sobbing emoji here} I've tried everything. Heck, we even bought a new matteress, but that lower back pain and the need to prop my belly up when I lay on my side does not make for a very good nights sleep.

Symptoms | unfortunately, nausea and constipation are still the two main symptoms. Hoping they'll drop off soon along with the exhaustion and I'll get some energy and finally be able to do anything other than sleep!

Cravings | no real cravings the past few weeks, I got burnt out on ham, so I started taking chicken salad with crackers for lunch, and that was good. I went to Applebee's on Wednesday with two of my childhood besties and had a delicious fiesta chicken meal, it hit the spot! So yummy!

Best moment of the week | we had a 15 week appointment, that included a gender scan! We found out we'll be adding a sweet baby boy to our clan! We're over-the-moon that daddy will have another man around the house!

Namesake | we've always loved the name Carter, it was going to be McKinlee's name if she was a boy. Middle name was going to be Knox, but in Feburary, Justin's Mema who was a lover of all things family and grandbabies, passed away. We were very close to her and so saddened that Carter won't get the chance to meet her. However, Mema's name was Paulette and as a tribute to the life and love that she shared with us and our daughter, we decided to give Carter the middle name Paul

So even though he won't ever meet her, she'll always be a part of his life and we're gonna do our best to share all of our memories of her with him, so it's like she never left!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How far along | 13 Weeks, 2 days

Size of baby | Pea Pod {3 inches}

Gender | March 20!

Maternity clothes | I normally wear loose tops, so I have those. I have invested in some dress slacks and some jeans. Bras, maternity bras.

Weight gain | 3lbs

Movement | None that I've noticed, but in our 12 week ultrasound baby2 was swimming around like crazy!

Sleep | awful, most nights. I usually am in bed by 8:30p, asleep by 9:30-10, awake at 2 to use the bathroom then up at 6 to start getting around for work!

Symptoms | Still nauseous most days, but have been learning what I can eat so that I don't have to take zofran or get sick. Ready for that to go away for sure. Lower back pain is there some days, I think it's mainly from sleeping weird. Being tired, I'm hoping that second trimester energy boost kicks in soon!

Cravings | Ice cream/Popsicles, anything ICE cold really. Sara Lee honey ham{fresh from the deli}, not really a craving but one of the things I've found I can eat without feeling gross! Carrots and broccoli with ranch!

Best moment this week | I told most of my new co-workers that I'm expecting and they all just welcomed the new baby with warm arms! So excited to be with such a great company! We also got our announcement pictures done with the best photographer around! Megan Boliver Photography!


How far along | 12 weeks!

Size of baby | Lime {2 inches}

Gender | Unknown

Maternity clothes | Just keeping comfortable with yoga pants and loose shirts!

Weight gain | 1-3 pounds

Movement | Not yet!

Sleep | Not good. I just can't get comfortable and when I finally get to sleep, I need to get up and go to the bathroom. Hopefully that changes soon!

Symptoms | Nausea and constipation. I am on medicine that helps with the sickness {zofran} but a side effect of that is constipation, so I can either get sick and have a BM or not get sick and not have a BM for 6+ days. Any pointers welcome!

Cravings | Pickles, Sara Lee Honey Ham {deli fresh}, anything cold {mainly ice cream}. Just sticking to plain jane foods to limit the nauseous feeling.

Best moment this week | We were surprised at our first OB appointment with a courtesy ultrasound! I thought we would just hear the heartbeat, but we got to see our sweet baby! Healthy and super active, just like their sister! You'll hear McKinlee in the video say "is that my baby sister?", sweetest. thing. ever.

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Here's the video of #babybolingertwo!

THE BABES | Baby Bolinger 2

November 16, 2014

Ever since McKinlee was about ten months old we have talked about how many kids we would want to have, the timing between all of them, etc. We decided on two. Two babies, two children. Three is company and someone is usually always left out. Four is too many, so two it is. We have had our boy name picked out since McKinlee was born and I have a giant list of girl names ready to be decided on. We love the name Carter, and in a world where all names are pretty much unisex, we might use it for a boy or a girl.

With that said, we started trying for #babybolingertwo in April of 2014, McKinlee turned two in May and we always thought our babies would be no more than two years apart, so we were already behind. I'll be honest, when we weren't pregnant the first month, I was discouraged. Afterall, it happened all of a sudden the first time around, so why didn't it happen right away when we were trying on purpose. So here we are, seven months in and still no baby.

I know some people may be reading this and thinking "why would you try for another baby out of wedlock?" or "what are they thinking?" I don't have to explain myself nor do I want to. I think God knows what is in our hearts and that he knows we're in a committed partnership for life and that this is something we want. We want McKinlee to grow up with a sibling, someone to team up against mom and dad with, someone to argue with and someone to share family traditions with, and in the end, someone to lean on when it seems like her world is coming crashing down. I want that for both of our children.

December 3, 2014

I'm late. Four days late and too nervous to take a test. What if it's negative? More disappointment and I don't know that Justin can handle another month of "mopey Baylee". I sometimes wonder if people will read this and feel  like I'm being selfish. "She already has one perfect, healthy baby, why is she being so whiny about not having another when some people can't have any!" Is it selfish? Can you have infertility after having a child? Is that me being a dramatic hypochondriac? Probably.

December 4, 2014


January 3, 2015

I am currently in North Carolina staying with my family while also visiting friends. I was just feeling super sore and full in my breasts and I text Justin "I think I'm pregnant." Of course, I say this every month, so the sweet man he is, says "oh I hope so!" but than later says "but if not, that's ok!" So I promised him I would wait until I get home January 5 to take a test! I've been trying not to think much about it, but I am anxious to know! Due date would be September 10, 2015

January 5, 2014

I'm on the flight home and just thinking about how sore I am, and that I hope it's because there is a baby the size of a poppyseed growing inside of me. McKinlee has been excellent on both flights, I thought to myself "Psh I can handle two, easy peasy." By myself, heck no. I'm not alone though, I have the most precious man, waiting at the airport eager to pick us up and he's my partner, my rock and he's the best daddy in the world, and I can't imagine doing life with anyone else. Tonight is the night we find out and I am so excited, but not so excited that I'll be super disappointed because, after 9 days, I'm ready to see my man! Nothing could ruin tonight.

January 5, 2015 // 11:16 PM


Holy cow! It happened! Finally. 

January 6, 2015 // 5:17 AM

Just to be sure. Positive! AHH!
We're on our way to being a family of four!

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CARTER PAUL | Weeks 4-11

January 6, 2015

Last night we found out we're expecting our sweet, second baby! We are over the moon! I'm going to keep track of weeks 4-11 here because we probably won't announce it until week 12 just to be safe.

As of now {according to my babycenter app} my due date is September 10, 2015.

I'm feeling great and trying to drink lots of water! We decided we're going to wait until 12 weeks to tell our family, just in case! but we can't wait and we hope they're just as excited as we are!

January 9, 2015

I spent all of week four so excited and looking at what week gender reveal is and I bought a nursing bra, made my first prenatal appointment and talked all sorts of baby names with Justin. I also took 3 more tests, just for good measure! My first appointment I will be 8 weeks, 4 days, I am excited and hopefully we'll get to hear a baby heartbeat! 

January 16, 2015

It's been a rough week. Justin's Mema got put in a hospice home, McKinlee and I are both sick {coughing + nasty drainage} and I've started feeling sick. Boo. I think some of the nausea might be from all the drainage, but I'm also worried it's not and that I'm gonna be sick for 20 weeks like I was with McKinlee. 

My friend Brittany is also pregnant, she's 13 weeks with her first. She bought a Doppler to keep at home and hear the baby's heartbeat whenever she pleases, so on lunch we went and tried to hear the baby! I knew it was a long shot because the baby's heart doesn't even start beating until 6 weeks, so I thought maybe it was still too early! BUT we heard it, and it was so beautiful and makes me so happy! It was 118 and perfect! I have been really nervous every time I go to the bathroom that I am going to see blood and have a miscarriage, so to hear a happy heartbeat made my mama heart swoon.

January 23, 2015

49 days pregnant and nausea has hit FULL FORCE. Man, is it awful. I've been so exhausted and tired, way more so than with McKinlee. I realized I wasn't chasing a toddler and I wasn't working full time, that makes all the difference. I have a months supply of zofran, I take 1/2 a 8mg pill every 4-6 hours! It's helped a little bit, but still nervous about what I eat.

This week was especially hard on us. Justin's Mema went to be with Jesus and she was a lover of all things baby and grandchildren. So just knowing she won't be here to love on our new baby was particularly hard for me. We know things will get better with time and I am so thankful for God's timing in all things. 

We also told Justin's parents this weekend! They are so supportive of us, but we still were nervous to tell them, not nearly as nervous as the first time {laughs}. We had McKinlee take an "I'm a big sister" book over to them and they just kept saying, " WHAT, are you serious? Is this for real? Like really?!" It was awesome and we are so thankful that they are such a great Mimi and Papa!

Here's to hoping I start feeling better soon!

January 30, 2015

4 weeks left of the first trimester, that's crazy! Nausea is still there, lots of sprite and chewing gum is what I've noticed helps settle my tummy. One of the major issues I've had thus far is constipation. I've had to switch from One a Day Womens Prenatal vitamin to Spring Valley Prenatals {gummy} vitamins, because the others had too much iron. Plus, the Zofran{nausea medicine} causes constipation too. I've been eating apples and drinking juice to help things move along. Hopefully, that will go away soon and take the nausea with it.

Our first appointment is on February 3, and it is basically just a financial advising appointment and proof of pregnancy. We'll go over costs and set up payments, so that the majority will be paid for by the time the baby is born. I'm hoping I'll at least be able to hear the heartbeat, that always gives me peace of mind. We're excited to get with Megan to set up a Photoshoot for our announcement picture! We can't wait to tell all of our friends and family!

Feburary 6, 2015

We had our first appointment this week and they just took a blood sample and a urine sample, said they call if there was any abnormalities. No call, is good news! Our next appointment is February 25 and we'll get to hear the heartbeat and make sure everything is measuring right.

We finished telling the rest of the immediate family, so after our 11 week checkup, we'll have family photos done and then we'll announce it at 12 or 13 weeks! We're excited for everyone to find out.

February 13, 2015

The baby is getting bigger, about an inch and a half in length now! So exciting. With McKinlee, my belly didn't really pop until 16 weeks, but I've noticed I'm starting to show a lot sooner. I'm hoping maybe I'm about 3 weeks further along than I think, that would make me feel better. Either way, I'm growing a human, so whatever my body needs to do to ensure a healthy living space for our baby is fine by me. I'm still sick, but have noticed it's let up a little. 

I'm having lots of cravings, mainly vegetables. BROCCOLI and ranch. yum! Pickles, homemade chicken pizza, Subway ham sandwich with lots of veggies! With McKinlee I craved lots of chicken, all things Zaxby's and Chickfila, this time more fresh fruits and veggies. I've noticed I'm loving apples{like 2-3 a day} and strawberries{I've been eating them every morning}. 

I can't wait til next week we finally get to hear the heartbeat! I listened to it on Brittany's Doppler on Friday, and from what we could faintly hear it seemed to be about 130-140! I'm anxious to see what it is at the doctors office!

Brittany found out she's having a little girl, due late July! We can't wait to meet you Mayson Faith Mills! 

February 20, 2015

One more week until we start the second trimester. I feel like the last 8 have drug by since we found out about the baby. We took the day off Wednesday for our 4 year anniversary and our first "real" appointment! We're so excited to meet with Dr. Terry and hear the baby's heartbeat and make sure everything is measuring ok! We'll also be announcing it to social media, so other friends and distant family can know about our sweet bundle! 

My favorite thing right now is when McKinlee says "I love that baby in your belly." Or "can I give her a kiss?" She thinks she's having a sister, maybe she is, we won't know until late March!

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