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Friday, April 17, 2015

I've gone over the scenario in my head a hundred times since we found out we were expecting. All of them were just sweet moments where McKinlee just lovingly accepts our new addition and isn't jealous at all and we're one big happy family of four. However, the closer we get {and by closer I mean we put his crib up so I want him here tomorrow} the more nervous I am getting. Can I show them both enough attention? Will she still be a mommy's girl or will she want Justin more? I was asking my best friend, who is a recent mom of two, "what's the top three things you'd register for now that you have two kids?" She replied, "I can't really think of anything someone can buy you. The best thing is someone helping you {clean, dinner, laundry} or someone to "spoil" McKinlee. You will for sure have to find out how to split your time, that's the hardest part." I'm so thankful she's so honest with me, because I feel like everyone just shrugs it off, and it really is very hard to find that balance when caring {and worrying} for a newborn. 

Knowing that I will be more preoccupied in the near future, I find myself watching McKinlee's cute little mannerisms, the way she'll literally open an applesauce pouch by herself now or as tired as I am, I'll lay in that tiny twin sized bed and read Goodnight, Gorilla a hundred times until I literally can't keep my eyes open. When we put her to bed after we've let her stay up way too late because we miss her so much during the day, and she's so sad and she'll say "one more hug and one more kiss" a dozen times, and we'll give in a dozen times because she's almost three. THREE. I just want her to stay at this fun age forever - minus the horrid temper tantrums because she can't snack on jelly beans and Hershey's kisses for every meal.

We are so excited to have a baby boy and grow our family, but she is our baby. I don't ever want her to think we did things better with Carter than we did with her, because she was our first. She taught us how to be parents. She taught us what true, unconditional love really is. She is the epitome of perfection to us. Even her sassy side is more sweet than other three year old attitudes, to us, she hung the moon. I have no idea how my heart is going to grow to love another baby, but all the books say "it just will." I am looking forward to seeing how she adjusts to having a brother, because right now she loves the idea, she'll rock her babies in his swing and she kisses him {only on my belly button} and she'll feed him pretend food {through my belly button} when she is playing chef. The way she says "Carter Paul" is also the sweetest thing ever. She loves dressing her babies in his onesies, and I just can't wait until it really is him that she's holding and playing with. She's going to be the best big sister.

As long as she doesn't react like Lily from Modern Family, I'll be satisfied. 


Friday, April 10, 2015

Eighteen! Can't believe we're almost halfway there!
How far along | 18 weeks
Size of baby | Bell pepper {5.5inches, 7oz}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Now that it's getting warmer I need to get some more long tanks! I always love target's long tank tops!

Weight gain | 5-7lbs depending on the day! Glad the long walk from the parking lot to my building at work is helping me keep the weight gain to a minimum these first 2 trimesters!

Movement | I felt teeny tiny flutters almost all day on Thursday this week. LOVED IT. Can't wait until Justin and McKinlee can feel them too!

Sleep | Still hard to fall back asleep after my early morning bathroom run.

Cravings | We've been grilling a lot now that it's warmed up - so I've been craving grilled shrimp, chicken, vegetables and we had some delicious kabobs, that you buy marinated and skewered and they were SO good. If you're local in NWA - they are at Richard's Meat Market. It's $5.50 a kabob and Justin and I can fill up on about 1.5 each - So a $15 meal that you just toss on the grill is my kind of meal planning!

Best moment of the week | Finally noticing that I'm not feeling so nauseous all the time. KNOCK ON WOOD. I've been better at snacking and eating protein rich meals so I've had a pretty good week. I started registering for things I've noticed we don't have and looking at bedding for his room!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

17 weeks and a Happy Easter to you!

How far along | 17 weeks, 4 days

Size of baby | Turnip {5inches, 5oz}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Work - Maternity pants and loose fitting tops // Maxi dresses. Home - gimme all the tshirts and shorts!

Weight gain | 5-7lbs depending on the day!

Movement | Not yet!

Sleep | It's becoming easier to fall asleep but after I wake up for my 3am bathroom run it's hard for me to get comfortable to fall back asleep!

Cravings | I had a little scare last week where my blood sugar got really low and I went into the doctor to get checked out. Apparently, toaster strudels are frowned upon for breakfast while pregnant. Diagnosis - just make sure I am eating protein with every meal. I'm not a huge breakfast person so that's been hard. I've learned a lot about protein rich snacks, edamame - hello yum. I've been eating a lot of wild rice too!

Best moment of the week | We started nesting! We painted Carter's room! We painted the whole room Beached Slate by Valspar and the accent wall is Tropical Hideaway by Valspar. I knew I wanted to do the herringbone pattern - but halfway through those slanted lines I was like we'll just by a herringbone patterned picture and stick it up there. I'm glad we worked through our OCD because we love how it turned out! Can't wait to rock our sweet boy to sleep in there!

I love when I catch her cuddling her lambie while she sleeps! Sweet baby!

We love our hard working Daddy!

Still have a little touching up to do around the ceilings, but I love it!
We'll obviously post more when it's all ready for him!

My sweet girl in her Emmylin's Shoppe Easter dress!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I know we did!
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