PREGNANCY | 29 Weeks

Monday, June 29, 2015


How Far along | 29 weeks
Size of baby | Size of an Butternut Squash {15.2 inches, 2.5 pounds}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | All of the maxi dresses and skirts ever.
Movement | Feeling lots of movement! I have noticed too that my belly is having to stretch out, so when I eat it makes me seem full before I really am, which is unfortunate.

Sleep | It's getting better since I got the pillow, but still waking up between 2am and 4am and it's tough to fall back to sleep.

Cravings | Vegetables and lots of them! grilled pork chops and bread, in any form.

Best moment of the week | We have a had a rough week this week. Friday afternoon I started cramping and had to have a fetal fibronectin swab done which tests for preterm labor {READ: deliver in the next 2 weeks} so that was scary but thankfully the results came back negative and I am not dilated any. Then Tuesday, McKinlee got sent home from school about 4 for throwing up, I thought maybe she just got overheated but she threw up until 1am, and couldn't keep anything down, so that made for a long night for this mama who needs a solid 8 hours while growing a human. 

Wednesday, she was feeling better but still stayed home with Justin's Ma Shirley just to rest. That evening we got home and smelled gas. I hate having natural gas as a utility. That's going to be one of our first major renovations, putting in an electric stove and furnace - so I don't have to worry about carbon monoxide. Long story short, we have 2 gas leaks, so our gas will be turned off until Monday. Trying to look at the glass half full and thank goodness it's not winter and we don't need our heater and that Jesus made fast food for situations like this.

Anyways, finishing up registries & counting down the weeks until we meet our sweet baby!

PREGNANCY | 28 Weeks

Thursday, June 18, 2015

28 weeks - we're scheduled to deliver at 39. 
You do the math. 11 weeks or less. 
We're almost to single digits! 
Mama can't wait to hold you Carter Paul.
How Far along | 28 weeks
Size of baby | Size of an Eggplant {14.8 inches, 2.25 pounds}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | My sweet mama sent me fun mail - as in, Old Navy had a 40% off all Maternity this past week and she sent me a few dresses, some linen shorts and a pair of pants I'm dying to wear.
Movement | Tons and tons - I love it so much!
Sleep | It's getting better since I got the pillow, but still waking up between 2am and 4am and it's tough to fall back to sleep.

Cravings | Really anything I don't have to slave over the oven for. However, Brittany came over Wednesday and we made Taste of Home's Summer Vegetable Pasta and it was so GOOD and fresh.

Best moment of the week | Spending much needed girl time with Brittany - she's also expecting {a girl in July} so we girl-talked while we ate, and then sprawled out on my bed and watched each other's bellies move. It was just lazy, good fun. We went and checked on the garden and I have a tiny little yellow squash growing - I am so excited! 

Plus, Justin's mom and I went to Hobby Lobby last week for Velcro and found these cute pictures on sale for Carter's room. I probably walked in there 80 times and just looked and thought about him laying there in the crib that we once laid his big sister in.

PREGNANCY | 26 Weeks

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ahh this week was so fun! Not only because I realized that when I attend my next prenatal appointment I'll be 30 weeks {woah, crazy} but that it's 13 weeks or less until we meet our sweet baby boy! I also realized we planned the baby shower three weeks before my scheduled delivery date - so that will be interesting. I am excited though to see all of our friends and family come celebrate our best boy! Life lately has been all about our girl - just loving on her and making sure she feels special these next few months!
How Far along | 26 weeks
Size of baby | Length of a green onion {14 inches, 2 pounds}
Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Gosh, I got super sun burnt this weekend playing outside with McKinlee while Daddy watched some Razorback baseball {we're headed to the college world series!} so I rocked some maxi skirts and tank tops.

Movement | Lots! I love it so much! I notice it mostly at night once I get settled into bed and around lunch time while I'm sitting at work! He is such a stinker - anytime he's moving like crazy, I'll try to have Justin or his mom come and feel and he'll just stop. Completely stop. I hope he's not shy - have you met his sister.

Sleep | I got a body pillow. Like not an ordinary body pillow. This one and it's glorious - so a big thanks to Jessica for passing it down!

Cravings | Still those giant croissants from Sam's Club, grilled everything, tomatoes, Chickfila peach shake {and all other things Chickfila}, and green beans, lots of fresh garden veggies!
Best moment of the week | Just spending so much time with family. Justin and I went on a date to the local Drive-in and it was so fun! We grabbed Firehouse subs {we weren't impressed} and laid blankets in the back of the truck and watched Pitch Perfect 2 on the big screen!

I also took the day off Friday for my glucose test and McKinlee's 3 year check-up. We had so much fun just us girls. I headed to my appointment and everything went well besides the fact that I was starving! Carter's heartbeat was 143 and he measured perfect! I've gained 23lbs and still have 13 weeks to go - but I've realized growing a healthy baby is most important so not putting too much stress on weight gain. McKinlee's appointment went well, the doctor gave us a few things to work on before she turns 4 {diet, as in no more sweet tea and fruit snacks and better bedtime routine}. After that, Tawny and her crew came over and we laid out while the kids played in the backyard and it was just a perfect Friday!

FAYETTEVILLE | Fedosky's Swim Ranch

Saturday, June 6, 2015

We our loving year three of swim lessons at The Swim Ranch. If you're local in Northwest Arkansas, we highly recommend them!

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