PREGNANCY | 34 Weeks

Friday, July 31, 2015

the countdown is on - 5 weeks or less.
{and if we're being honest - i'd be fine with less as long as he's healthy}

How Far along | 34 weeks
Size of baby | Weighs as much as a Cantaloupe {4lbs,17 inches}

Gender | BOY

Maternity clothes | My mom brought me some leggings from Maternity Motherhood - I told Justin I NEED them in every color.

Movement | Tons and tons of movement! I love it so much! Contractions are getting stronger and more frequent - I had 7 within two and a half hours on Monday at work  - called the doctor and he said as long as they aren't 3-7 minutes apart consistently that he's just practicing for his arrival. 
Sleep | I didn't get up at all to pee last night - so that's a miracle.

Cravings | my "diet" is going okay. I broke the rules and weighed myself but excited because I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment. I am excited to learn so much about portion control - it has really made me aware of the amount of food I've been eating. I am pregnant and do have cravings - so I just pack healthy portioned snacks and a lunch for the day at work and then if I want something sweet then I'll get it. Trying to only drink tea, water and orange juice sometimes in the morning.

Best moment of the week | Well since we missed our 33 week post, I'll catch you up on that - our sweet girl went to the doctor for hand, foot, mouth and an ear infection. I took a sick day with her on Thursday cause my allergies have been acting up - so we just rested and watched Netflix most of the day. Lots of popsicles and cuddles for her. Best moment for week 33 was finally getting over that. Also, my parents are in town so that's fun - McKinlee spent most of the week with them and is loving playing with uncle Mason. BEST MOMENT OF WEEK 33 - Sweet baby Mayson Faith made her arrival. So thankful for a healthy baby for my friend and that you can already see the sweet mother-daughter bond they're going to have, so many happy tears.

Lots of resting and cuddles to get rid of the nasty stuff!

Took these sweet girls to meet Elsa + Ana at the ice skating rink!

Mayson Faith Mills
July 27, 2015

Justin just gushed over how sweet and teeny she was! 
He's excited to have another small baby around the house soon!

THE MAMA | Pillow Talk

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just finished up a fun girls night that was much needed after spending the day at home with my sick girl. Hand, foot, mouth is no joke - if anyone can figure out how to explain to a toddler why it hurts to eat, please send suggestions my way.

Anyways, girls night started out with dinner at Logan's with lots of bread, not on the 21 day fix food list, but after today I didn't care, I needed bread. Next, we headed to a high-end garage sale and I got some cute goodies for Carter!

I was just sitting here, rubbing McKinlee's back, while we watch her favorite Christmas movie, and I feel Carter kicking around. I can't help but think how blessed I am. I am so thankful to have met Brittany, who holds me accountable in my relationship with Christ and is always so encouraging. She is due with her first baby on Saturday and she is really hoping for a natural birth, so if you'll send a prayer up that Mayson will come on her own before Sunday that would be much appreciated! She's had the most beautiful pregnancy as far as health and I would love for her to be rewarded with a safe, happy delivery, for all her hard work {single parenthood + graduating UofA + a trillion internship hours + working full time} to provide the best home for her sweet girl!

As I sit here and feel Carter kick, I just can't help but think how we're gonna be a family of four soon. I think about how McKinlee will react, the bond Justin and him will have, hunting and doing things on the farm that Justin grew up doing. I think about his role as little brother, and her role as big sister and how that makes my heart swell. 

I am so swoon over the blessings I've been given. Days like today are what motherhood is about, wanting to pull your hair out from all the whining but at the end of the day, you're still number one to them. They make it so worth it. They choose you, everyday. They love you, everyday. 

I pray they always know how much I love and care for them. I pray they know how hard we work to raise them up and to provide them with the best things to help them succeed. I hope they realize life isn't about handouts but about working hard to get what you want. I pray that we raise her up to be confident and to measure her beauty by her spirit and not by the words of others. I pray we raise him to be a gentlemen and to treat women as he would want his sister to be treated, I pray he is a hard worker just like his daddy, and leads his house. 

I hope our children will see the love I have for their dad and I pray they find that love someday. I pray that if they make mistakes that they know there is a Lord that has already forgiven those mistakes. I know they have to make their own mistakes but I pray they learn from ours.

I can't wait to meet our sweet boy!

PREGNANCY | 32 Weeks

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Officially 7 weeks to go!
My appointments have transitioned to every 
2 weeks so that's making it go by a little faster! 
I can't wait to meet our sweet baby!

How Far along | 32 weeks
Size of baby | Weighs as much as a Jicama {3.75lbs, 16.7 inches}
Gender | BOY

Maternity clothes | Don't even get me started on clothes. I can't fit into anything.

Movement | Tons and tons of movement! I love it so much! Contractions are in full swing - I have to breathe through them at work - they are intense.
Sleep | It's ok - sleeping a little better now, but still getting up to pee a lot.

Cravings | Well, I started the 21 day fix diet this week, so craving anything that's not on the "approved foods" list. I am confident that it will be worth it when I don't feel just so blah at the end of the day! My mom has lost 30lbs since she started her 21DF journey and although I am pregnant and doing it modified to ensure a healthy baby, I am excited to continue the journey after he's born to get my weight down to something I feel comfortable with.

Best moment of the week | 32 week check-up was today and I just love hearing his little heartbeat, it was 142. We also scheduled our repeat c-section, so unless he decides to come early like his sister, his birthday is set. I'm hoping that our best moment this week will be welcoming sweet Mayson Faith into the world later this week! I can't wait to watch one of my best friends become a mama, you can read her pregnancy journey here!

Popsicles with my best girl after we got home for the day!

Sweet girls after church!

Cow appreciation day with the Pruitt's! #bolingerslovechickfila

PREGNANCY | 31 Weeks

Monday, July 13, 2015

EIGHT weeks
I seriously cannot wait.

How Far along | 31 weeks
Size of baby | Coconut {3.3lbs 16 inches}
Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Seriously, the heat index is 110 this week. Having babies in the summer months is not for the fainthearted. Props to my grandmother who did it twice.

Movement | Justin felt his hiccups this weekend and it was so sweet - it's the craziest thing. We were in a wedding this weekend and he was doing all sorts of crazy stuff while I was anxiously standing up in front of a church.

Sleep | This weekend was busy, but for the most part getting some good sleep.
Cravings | Still without a oven/range until our gas leak is fixed {the homeowners warranty company is a joke and I can assure you they don't like dealing with this hormonal, pregnant woman who has been craving homemade enchiladas for 2 weeks now}. Barq's rootbeer, drinking one of those a day, along with ice cold water. Chips Ahoy chocolate chunk cookies and as always Chickfila.
Best moment of the week | Monday I had a 30 week check up and Carter's heartbeat was a healthy 146! Friday, wedding festivities for some friends started off with a mani and pedi for me which was much needed, Red Lobster for lunch and then wedding stuff all day Saturday. Sunday we went to church and since Scott and Courtney were in town they came with us too! We went to Applebee's for lunch and had a relaxing afternoon before starting our week.

So Courtney is Scott's fiancé. They are expecting a boy in about a month and I hope our boys have the same sweet friendship their daddy's have had for so many years!

HOLIDAY | 4th of July

Friday, July 10, 2015

I've saved this outfit since February for her to show it off - and those sandals I've saved since my mom bought them on sale when she was 14 months old, and they are still too big, so $8 crocs at Harp's for the win. The outfit has a giant chocolate ice cream stain on it now, but boy, did she have fun.

We met sweet baby Natalie, and my pregnant heart was so giddy! 
We are going to have to reiterate the word "gentle" for the next 7 weeks.

Looked over and she just looked so big.

My sweet family of four.

Her bestie, Emily Ann.

Watchin' the fireworks. "They are too louder, mama."

Sunday morning around 930am, we snoozed and lounged ALL DAY.

PREGNANCY | 30 Weeks

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Single digits. 9 weeks. NINE!

How Far along | 30 weeks
Size of baby | Weight = Head of Cabbage {15.7 inches, 3 pounds}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Nothing fits. {insert annoyed emoji's here}
Movement | I can see him on the outside now. Lots of rolling over and flipping in there. I can feel hiccups towards the bottom of my belly - so thinking he is not going to be breech like his sister was!

Sleep | None this week - McKinlee has been waking up and sneaking in to bed and I have countless bathroom runs.

Cravings | Anything I don't have to cook at this point.

Best moment of the week | It's a holiday weekend! Short day on Friday and then the weekend celebrating freedom and watching fireworks! Also, we got some previews of our maternity photos and I love them all. I decided to do my pictures between 29-30 rather than the normal 35-36 - I was super puffy with McKinlee and didn't want to be this go around - plus I knew it would be waaay hotter in July. I love how they turned out!

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