LET'S PARTY | Bridal Shower

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Let me just start off by saying it about KILLED me to let go of the reigns and let my sweet friends plan this party for me. They are always calling me the queen of party planning, so I kept trying to squeeze little hints out of them, and they would repeatedly say "settle. we got this!" I will say they did not disappoint and I loved not stressing over all the tiny details, that is party planning.

Justin and I are celebrating our marriage close to our one year anniversary with our family and friends and I was so excited to be showered by all the ladies in my family.

We had the shower at my Grandmother's house and she decorated the porch so cute!

I walked in and saw all these balloons hanging and clipped to each one was a picture of Justin and I, from 2011 to now - everyone enjoyed looking at pictures of us from when we first started dating.

Raspberry lemonade punch | this is my go-to party punch!

Fruit cups - with fruit dip at the bottom.

Sub sanwiches, YUM.

Cute little details, like these flowers and vintage lamps!

Mimosa Bar - if you've never tried cranberry juice instead of OJ, give it a try!

My sweet girl had to sneak her way into every picture | special thanks to these sweet friends for putting together the shower and for my Grandmother for hosting!

My Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid, both my childhood friends for at least 15 years now, surprised me with a KitchenAid Mixer! I was so excited! Love them so much!

Can't wait to have you girls stand by my side on my big day!!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

I can honestly say, that was literally the fastest 365 days I've lived thus far. He's O N E. My mama's boy, my son. He has grown so much and so quickly over the past year and I have loved and tried to savor every minute of it, knowing that he's my last.

Weight: 22 lbs - 75th percentile
Height: 29 inches - 50th percentile

Food | He's officially feeding himself! {all the praise hands} I can finally sit him in the high chair and throw him some food so I can get dinner cooked! He loves applesauce pouches and ritz crackers right now! Pineapple chunks are a fan favorite too!

Sleep | Still goes to bed between 7 and 8:30 and wakes up around 7am! SUCH A GOOD SLEEPER.

Size | Wearing mostly 2T shirts, 12 month pants, 12-18 month jammies/rompers, size 6C shoes and diapers size 4.

Firsts | 8/9/2016 - another new tooth
8/24/2016 - gives kisses - such a sweetie

the FUN stuff | He is really walking and it's the cutest thing because he puts his hands in the air to keep his balance. He is really loving McKinlee - he tries to say "sissy", he's so sweet. He loves chocolate chips and to brush his teeth, or at least eat toothpaste. He is loving any type of ball that bounces, rolls or lights up. He loves anything with wheels, strollers, tricycles, the vacuum. He's really just ALL BOY.

On the day he was born, I was in such awe that I had a son. I thought about all the football games I would watch with him, all the times I would see his daddy talking to him in the dug out to make sure he knew to just have fun, and play the game. I pray for his future wife daily, that she loves him the way I love his daddy, that he leads her the way his dad leads our family. I pray he knows the importance of family, I hope that he's confident in everything he does. I hope that he always wants kisses and hugs and cuddles. I hope that him and his sister are always close and enjoy spending time together not just because they have to but because they want to! Most of all, I hope all your dreams come true, sweet baby.

here are some of my favorite pictures from his first year!

we love you, son. happy first birthday!

LET'S PARTY | Baseball Bash

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I knew for Carter's first birthday I wantedto do something that was all boy, since it's been all mermaids and princesses with his sister. So we went with a baseball theme and I had so much fun preparing for it.

We did party favor bags filled with peanuts, m&m's, cracker jacks and baseballs! 
We had everyone sign the bat so we could look back and see who was there to celebrate!

We went real simple with hot dogs and chips!


Sweet sissy!

Happy First Birthday, Carter Paul!

Sweet tea & Lemonade!

Scoreboard | DIY{plywood, paint}

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