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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

April was so busy - I almost forgot to write about it.

Justin and I road tripped with my mom and brother to NC for the Mould-Bright wedding. It was so much fun and so good to see everyone who poured into me as a high school student. Love that family so much! So special to celebrate my best friend marry her love!

My job was to make sure this cutie had enough smarties to get her through the ceremony!

Mr. & Mrs. Richie Bright

What's a wedding without a nosebleed?

We made it back and work got really crazy for me. I mean - I worked 24 hours in 2 days. It was crazy, but it was awesome to be a part of such a big event. We moved into our new building, which has been equal parts great and crazy busy.

OH, almost forgot. Our toilet flooded and in turn, flooded our entire house. Had all of the carpet ripped out and dried out the concrete. Luckily, our insurance is replacing all of our floors from the toilet leak, so everything worked out in our favor. I also painted our whole house white to refresh everything in case we decide to sell in the near future. I love it. It's so bright and really looks nice! We also had a garage sale to get rid of a lot of our bulky furniture that we've accumulated over the years. We're not putting anything on the walls - so it looks very clean.

We celebrated Laurel's graduation!

We celebrated our girl turning FIVE.

This sweet boy had his first nightmare, so he got to come cuddle for a little bit. Then I reminisced how it's been a solid year, since he's cuddled in my bed.

Listened to this song on repeat 854692 times. LOVE.

Next post will be all about our summer bucket list!
Comment with any suggestions!

McKinlee Gray | FIVE

Today our girl is FIVE. I feel like I say the same thing every year. We were young and she was perfect. This year is different. This year she's five. We have to let her go to school. School where grades count, she takes a backpack, they let her go to the bathroom by herself, and walk to the office alone. The switch from Pre-K to Kindergarten feels like we're sending her to college.

She kept saying "when I turn 5, I get to do whatever I want!" I mean, no. But also, yes. August 14th is the day she starts working toward higher education - where she will make the choice every day to show up and work hard. She'll make choices to be a good friend. She'll make a choice to use everything we've taught her in the last five years to be a good, decent person. She's perfect to us, 100%, but I want everyone else to see all those great qualities that we see in her each day.

My wish is that she's vulnerable enough to let her guard down and be a great friend to the most popular kid in class, but also a friend and confidant to the shy ones. I hope she treats every kid the same. I hope she treats every single person with respect. I hope she steps out of her comfort zone. I hope she loves to learn. 

Most of all, I hope kids are nice to her. She has such a big heart for everyone, but with that comes some really sensitive feelings that get hurt easily. I hate the thought of her feeling left out, or disliked. Society is so harsh these days and I just hope she can pour into others and they can do the same for her.

It's year five, and I have a feeling it's going to be the best one yet.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

Let's Party | McKinlee's Tangled Party

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Our best girl turns FIVE on Tuesday and we just can't believe it. Five years ago we were two , young, scared parents that we're wingin' it and she was so patient through it all. I feel like we've made it.

I usually try to encourage a theme that will be easy to execute, but this year she wanted Tangled and that's what we did. Our home flooded with a huge storm about three weeks before the party, so we were running around crazy replacing our floors, painting walls, installing baseboards - the whole nine yards! Not to mention, party day called for more rain, so we had to rearrange our party set-up.

Nevertheless, it was such a special day for our girl and we loved seeing her so happy.

The Snuggly Duckling is the bar in the movie - we served Pizza!

I typically never buy "themed" decorations from the party store, but these lanterns were too cute to pass up!

We always get a big themed balloon and I made this palace banner with my Silhouette machine.

Each year I make a themed banner that says "Happy Birthday McKinlee"!

She told me she wanted a cake 2 days before her party - Harps Bakery for the win!

I discovered these cookies at her 4th birthday party and I've ordered them at every party since. They are always decorated perfect and they taste just as good!

Bubba loving on baby Bryn!

We hired NWA Party Princesses to send Rapunzel to our party - it was worth every penny.

She has the heart of a true princess - always willing to share. Love her so much!

We played hide & seek!

Gift of the year - her pack of gum from Mimi.... #kids

She said this was the "best birthday ever!" and that makes it all worth it.
Happy Birthday, McKinlee Gray!

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